My work embodies my desire and drive to take the negative connations out of “graffiti”. My pieces focus on my constant hopefulness that one day aerosol art will be recognized as a true art movement like those that have changed the world. My hope is that one day I will be acknowledged for the positivity of my graffitti whether its on the walls of galleries, museums, other organizations, businesses or even on public works, community works or mass transit. These expectations keep me grounded but still reaching for the stars.

The most often comment I get from people seeing my art in public is, “You did all that with a spray can?” It hits me funny that, yes, I do paint with a medium that everyone has lurking in the house or the back of the garage and has never thought of as an artist’s tool.

Most of my pieces are very public. They do not come home with me. They stay on the wall at thier location and I have little or no control over how long they are there before they are painted over. In that respect, I am very different than most artists. But, the feeling of constantly giving to those I am painting for is always there to fill me up. I try to paint with the feeling of a person that is going to see my work every day. In place of the feelings that other artists get from living with their work, I instead have fond memories of people and places which can be sparked through the vast collection of pictures I have from painting across the world.


Tamas “Zen One” Pomazi

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